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Sean Vigneau-Britt is a jazz pianist, composer, and teacher. He composes using a broad stylistic palette that includes work for musicians, theater directors, and choreographers. He co-founded the Brooklyn Composers Alliance and authored the book "Jazz Scales." He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Sarah Lawrence College and a Master of Music degree from Brooklyn College Conservatory.

Sean's performance education for the past three decades includes studying piano, trumpet, guitar, and voice. His composition studies include jazz, contemporary classical, and electroacoustic music. His musicology studies include Western European music history, African American music history, Indian classical music, East Asian music, and West African music. His additional music studies include conducting, arranging, and sight singing.

Sean's awards include the Presser Foundation Fellowship for outstanding achievement in music, the Morton Feldman Award in Composition, and the Nancy Hager Music History Prize.

See his CV and resumé below for more details.

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